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The other day I was wasting time in a waiting room by reading a recent copy of Make It Yourself.  Mostly with these kinds of magazines, I tend to flip through thinking “oh, that’s neat” or, “who the heck would waste time doing that,” and then I’m done. However, in this issue, there was a knitting project that I just had to try out myself. I took a photo of the page for those of you who are interested in replicating it for yourself.

I made my bow pretty much like the instructions say, except I used green yarn and I didn’t purl every other row. I have a weird aversion to the purl stitch, mostly because I get into a rhythm when knitting and switching back and forth throws me off. In this case I don’t think it made much of a difference to the overall look.

This is the raw product. From here I just neatened up the edges and added a chain using simple silver jewelry rings. However, it just didn’t look finished to me so I added two strips of shiny black cord to the outer edges of the center binding. Everything is tied off in the back, so unfortunately it isn’t reversible. But I think it’s super cute and it’s an easy project to knock out in an afternoon, even for a beginner like me, as long as you have everything on hand.

The finished project!