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Primed StandI am currently in the process of re-doing my bathroom. While that is nowhere near complete, I decided to make this post about one of the accessories that will be going into it when/if my bathroom is ever finished. I found this metal bathroom stand near a garbage can on move-out day in college and decided to take it home with me and use it the following semester. Since I am re-doing my bathroom anyway, I decided to try and paint this sucker. In my excitement, I forgot to take a picture of the plain metal stand but here’s a picture of it primed (you get the general idea).

Painted StandThe four tiers gave me the idea to paint the stand with various shades of one color. I picked red because I think it will look good in my made-over bathroom. The colors don’t look completely accurate on the computer. The first layer is light red and it gets darker on each tier below. I used a metal spray primer and then painted it with acrylic paints and protected it with an acrylic sealer. I like that this ombre stand was super easy to paint and will add a pop of color to my bathroom. Finished Stand