So a while ago I posted about this bow necklace that I made for a friend of mine for her birthday. Well, I decided I liked the idea so much that I would make one for myself. This did not turn out the way I expected. First of all, I’ve been trying to get grad school applications in, and it’s hard to focus on something with RESPONSIBILITY looming in the back of your mind, poking you with a stick. But I made several different bows, trying different combinations of numbers of stitches, knitting, and purling to get a look that I liked. The three main ones are below. On the left is made with 4 stitches, knitting and purling every other row. The one next to it is also alternating rows with knitting and purling, just the other side, and its 6 stitches. The last is made by alternating stitches by knitting and purling and is 5 stitches. I don’t really like any of them that much, and I’m giving up.

bigger bows

I also promised a follow-up on the tattoo post. The original tattoo didn’t last the night for whatever reason, unfortunately. Once home, I did try the charcoal pencil technique, which transferred well, but when it came time to cover it with the liquid bandage it just smeared everywhere and looked like a giant, unappealing bruise. Next I tried just drawing on the tracing paper with the liquid eyeliner and slapping it on. It actually transferred and covered really well, but it had to be wet, so your design would have to be pretty simple unless you’re a super-fast drawer. So if you want to do an elaborate design, it still has to be somewhere you can reach to draw.

On an unrelated note: Yay it’s Christmas time!